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Wedding traditions you should skip

15 Jul

19 days to go! It’s so surreal. I’ve been waiting for a year and half for this day and it’s so soon…but it kind of just feels like it’s never going to come. It will be over before I know it.

Over the past year and a half there has been so much planning, thinking, worrying, obsessing over every single little detail of our wedding. I’m not saying I haven’t enjoyed it. I loved every aspect of wedding planning. People say to take it all in and enjoy it while it lasts and I certainly have in this long engagement.

Let’s talk about wedding stress. I mentioned before that I didn’t think wedding planning was stressful. It started to become stressful about a month ago right after my shower when I was trying to juggle the end of the school year, shower thank yous, wedding crafts, and making sure we had bridal party gifts and all those odds and ends. I started to stress out A LOT. Like up all night stress out. What if it rains? What if people are late? What if no one gets a room? Will we have enough energy to go out after? What if we run out of time? Blah blah blah….

Now, with the wedding so soon, I feel a new sense of relaxed calm. It seems SO weird that soon it will be over, but I am so ready. I’m not nervous, scared, anxious, worried, or anything. I just want to party with my friends, family and soon to be husband and have a good time. That has a 100% chance of happening….no matter what percent chance of rain there is.  So who cares what else happens? Like seriously…….there are so many amazing things happening that day that one little thing going wrong isn’t going to change the amazing-ness of the day. These things I was worrying about seem completely asinine and ridiculous to even worry about now! So if you’re getting married soon and stressing- STOP IT!

I don’t consider our wedding to be the most ‘traditional’ type- we’re not getting married in a church…our wedding and reception are at the same place, etc. I feel like some traditions make the night drag on and on…especially ones where there are 2 hours of pictures involved and the wedding party is late for the reception! Ugh!

Here are some wedding traditions we’re choosing to skip:

1. Getting married in a church

As mentioned, we’re getting married and having our reception at the same place. It’s outdoors, by Lake Ontario. I posted about it a little while ago. The venue was the main thing we splurged on.

2. Wedding Cake

“Whhhhatttt? You’re not having a wedding cake?” is the response I get when I tell people this. We’re nixing it because Austin doesn’t like cake and an ice cream sundae bar in August is waaaay cooler.

source source photo 2211760-1


We’re also doing mini cupcakes and cookies.

3. Not seeing each other until the ceremony

Nonsense. A lot of people feel really strongly about this. And that’s fine. Do what you want to do. Our reception is immediately after our ceremony, so instead of using up our cocktail hour doing pictures, we’re doing a first look before. What’s a first look? Read this.

first look


4. Bouquet Toss/Garter

Again…people probably feel like this is necessary, that’s fine. I don’t. Never have I been  to a wedding where was I even remotely worried/thinking about this event happening. Takes time out of my dancing and partying. Period.

These are the traditions we’re skipping in order to make our day our own. But you do you! Just keep an open mind while planning your wedding! There are things you can add/take away that will make it truly YOUR day!

What’s your opinion on doing away with these traditions? What would/did you do at your wedding?

Rustic Wedding Crafts

25 Jun

I really wish I have had more time for blogging….but the big day is keeping me pretty busy as of late. I am not a neat, creative and crafty person by nature…but then Pinterest came along. Every day I thank the lord that this doesn’t apply to me:

Funny Confession Ecard: I had my wedding before I had Pinterest.

I sound corny and cliché, but I am trying to create the ‘rustic country’ look for my wedding. I know, I know…unoriginal…leave me alone- it’s my wedding not yours. But I hope it will be cute….. Here is some stuff I’ve been working on.

I bought an old chalkboard at an antique place that I am planning on using for this:


Here’s what it looked like to begin with-


It was ten dollars!!!


We painted it white



Another idea is the banner for the sweetheart table:


This tutorial was so easy!!! And that’s saying something…I usually mess things up.


It came out!!  I have yet to string it together so you have to wait to see the finished product.

Another thing was the escort cards, which I’m not finished with yet. Here’s my inspiration:


To make the key tags look ‘vintage’, I brushed them with Olde English furniture polish until they get that faded look. Takes a couple of tries until you get the hang of it.


My mom (who has better handwriting than me) will write the guests’ names in calligraphy. I have fancy tack board things that I am attaching them to and setting up near the entrance of the venue.

These table numbers weren’t really inspired by anything, besides the chalkboard theme!


They were easy and inexpensive.

Annnnd we’re still working on the centerpieces. More on that later.

Thank you Pinterest!!!! What would I do without you….. I am going to go into a dark depression when I cannot pin wedding stuff anymore. Until August 2nd…I’m pinning away.

What wedding crafts have you found on Pinterest??? Let me know what I can add!!!

For Guests of Our Wedding

18 May

The big day is getting closer! If you’re going to our wedding and want to know more about the area or where to stay the night of the rehearsal and reception look no further. Invitations will be out soon however some people want to start booking rooms now.

Rehearsal Dinner- Thursday August 1st at ????

Time is TBD. Rehearsal will be at Bayshore Grove in Oswego and dinner will be at Vona’s Italian Restaurant.


Vonas Restaurant

Things to do in the area

If you’re staying Thursday night, the wedding is not until 5 P.M the next day. Oswego is a really beautiful place, especially in the summer. There are a number of local bars and restaurants in the area. Don’t miss Rudy’s if you’re looking for a great place to have lunch!


It’s right on the lake!

Greene’s is a great place to grab a drink or lunch if you like a bar scene.

Old City is my favorite Oswego Bar, right on the water as well.

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the beautiful weather (because it WILL BE NICE OUT), you can check out Breitbeck Park.

Breitbeck Park


Accommodations for Thursday and Friday:

We booked rooms in two hotels in the city of Oswego for Thursday August 1st and Friday August 2nd.

1. Quality Inn and Suites

This hotel had a lower rate. This is the one we’re staying in. They have a bar, Steamer’s, downstairs so we can come back for the after party! Rooms are pretty standard, nothing fancy.

Hotel restaurant

Taken from Hotel Website, sourced above


Hotel Room | Quality Inn and Suites Riverfront Oswego, NY

Taken from Hotel Website, sourced above

2. Best Western Captain’s Quarters

This hotel had a little bit higher rate. It is a little nicer and has a pool.


Taken from Hotel Website

Just ask for the Burgwin/Haskins wedding. These hotels are in the city of Oswego. Our actual wedding and reception is a few miles outside of Oswego, on the lake near the Nine Mile nuclear plant (romantic, I know).


Distance between wedding and reception

Our wedding will be at 5 PM and the cocktail hour will start immediately after in the same area.

We will have a shuttle bus for guests starting about an hour before the reception and running after the reception to get you back to your hotel safely. If you drive to the reception you can leave your car there and pick it up in the morning.

Of course after the reception we plan on continuing the party in the city! So get ready!!! I am more than ready for this day to be here! Hope you are as excited as I am! If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment even if you don’t have a WordPress account.

Tips for a Wedding Registry

12 Mar

This past busy weekend I got a chance to do some more wedding planning. So far I’m sticking to my previous statement about wedding planning being fun and not as stressful as everyone else says. 4 1/2 more months….will I keep this attitude the whole way through???

Austin and I finally completed our wedding registry this weekend. Last weekend we ended up going to Kohl’s to start a registry, and I knew I wanted to register at at least one more place. We chose:



At Kohl’s, I registered for a lot of kitchen stuff (obv). You never know how much you need until you really get a chance to see all the stuff you don’t have Winking smile.  When we arrived at our local Kohl’s, however, I wasn’t very pleased with the service we received. Most of the employees had absolutely no idea what I was talking about when I told them I wanted to register. It took a good 3-4 of them in collaboration to figure out what to do. I understand the appeal of doing this stuff online, but I just need to SEE and FEEL the items before I know if I want them. I’m not a fan of online shopping. I guess they are just used to people doing it all online. I’m not saying that every Kohl’s would be like this…but this was the case with out local store.

Check out this registry checklist from Kohl’s….so much stuff! Some of my favorite items we registered for at Kohl’s:

Calphalon stainless steel pan set…


Other things: a dutch oven, stemless wine glasses and a digital food thermometer.


On to Target. Since I registered for a lot of kitchen stuff already, at Target I wanted to make sure we got bath and bedroom items. However, I was drawn to this beauty….


I scanned the pink one at first, then realized I should probably be more practical and go with grey/silver…..you never know what color my future kitchen will be.



Fun with the scanner-gun!

Another plus- there was a Starbucks in this Target!!! Could it get any better?? I was pleased…


We also added some bar accessories, all the bathroom décor and some cleaning supplies from Target. So all in all, after both experiences, I was a lot more pleased with our experience at Target. The employees knew what to do and there were several kiosks available in order to get started. There was also much more of a selection of items. After registering at both places I’ve complied a list of tips for registering:

  • Come prepared with a list- nothing’s worse than wandering around the store and saying ‘do we need this?’. Makes for an unhappy fiancé…
  • Be careful of seasonal and sale items- one thing about Target was that they had seasonal displays- these items might not be there when my guests go to by gifts.
  • When in doubt, buy white (or grey)!- I have absolutely no idea what color my future kitchen/living room/bathroom will be…so I had to play it safe with neutral colors. This way when I do get my dream house I can accessorize.
  • Think outside the box- Kitchen appliances and bath towels are standard. But don’t forget about non-traditional items you may want as a couple. We put on a tent (we’re fans of camping), and we’re also thinking about adding a patio set.

I am also continuing to add things online after the fact. I wasn’t very good about bringing a list (see above tips…), and realized that I forgot a few items. I also want to add that Sunday, while registering, I successfully went into Target and left without purchasing anything (besides my coffee). I deserve an award.


Where did you register for you wedding? What was your experience?

Do you like online shopping or do you like to see and feel the item?

Picking out Tuxedo Styles

26 Feb

I blogged last week about my choice for bridesmaid dresses for our August wedding. I still can’t believe I went with pistachio!



I still have yet to pick out shoes, but I am thinking either gray or nude coloring. I could go crazy and go with peach or orange…..but we’ll see. Any suggestions???

Picking out tuxedos for the guys was WAY easier and less time consuming. We walked right in, saw the one we wanted and ordered right away. Simple! Here are some pictures I used for inspiration for the tuxes:




I wanted to go with grey for a softer look. Didn’t take long to pick out our tux when we saw this one upon entering the store:

source: Tuxedo Junction

We are going with the grey tux, grey vest underneath, and the groomsmen will wear pistachio ties to match the dresses. Austin will wear the cream colored tie. The shirts underneath will be ivory. This picture I took in the store wasn’t the greatest, but here it is:



It’s crazy how many little decisions there are to make that seem so important at the time, but I could totally forget about the day of the wedding. For instance- the guy’s shoes. We couldn’t decide between black and grey. We went with black, but do you think that this decision is going to mean life and death on the day of? No. I foresee more of this difficult decision making in my future…

What do you think are/were the hardest things to decide about while wedding planning?

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